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Do you know the country, where the lemon trees are blossoming?

Limoncello spritz with a floral twist


- limoncello

- Lemon sorbet

- Orange blossom water (or elderflower syrup)

- Champagne

- Lemon

In a large wine glass, pour a generous shot of limoncello, add 1 1/2 teaspoons of orange blossom water. You can actually get this in any Turkish supermarket. If you don't feel like going to find some, you can also use elderflower syrup. Mix well.

Next, add a good portion of lemon sorbet to the glass and top it all off with champagne. Basically, our drink is already ready with this, but a slice of lemon, some basil or rosemary, just make it a little more fancier.

Now all that's left to do is toast the first issue of Dark Academia - Magazine for Fire Sundays, open any article and enjoy.

Feuerumsonntes & Wein in den Muscheln are very happy to have you with us!

P.S. Take a picture of your drink and post it on Instagram with the #feuerumsonntes. We can't wait to see your results!

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